Adam Humphries - project space

December 12, 2008 - February 21, 2009

press release

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CTRL will now be representing London based artist Adam Humphries. Please join us to welcome the artist and to view his project space exhibition of sculptures and new large-scale inkjet prints.

In both his sculptures and his prints (or digital drawings as he refers to them) Humphries explores shifting size and scale in nature.

His prints read as aerial views of epic landscapes, but upon closer inspection turn out to be a carefully orchestrated arrangement of tiny bits of information extracted from comic strips. Rocks, miniature trees, brush fires, explosions and planets are among the objects that make up the topography of Humphries’ landscapes. His process for making these prints begins with the photographing of carefully swept patterns of dust and debris on his studio floor (the residue of his sculptural practice). The photographic layer is ultimately removed, but serves as a structure upon which the extracted imagery is mapped.

At the other end of the scale spectrum, Humphries creates fascinating objects made of emulsion paint and sculpted Styrofoam. These sculptures are usually blown-up replicas of a clod of dirt or a pile of rocks. It is easy to imagine them as having been plucked from the landscapes of one of his prints and placed in real space only much larger.

Humphries received his MA from the Royal College of Art in 2004 and was included in the ArtReview 2004 issue “London’s top 25 new Artists”. In 2007 he completed a residency at White Flag Projects in St. Louis and has exhibited in the UK and US including the CTRL gallery group exhibition The Thames Mudlarks in Jan 2008.