Good Ship Lollipop
Seth Adelsberger, Richie Budd, Dan Kopp
Jayson Musson, Michael Reafsnyder

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In 1934, what Depression-era Americans wanted more than anything, besides a paycheck, was to watch Shirley Temple sing a saccharine ode to escapism and almost psychedelic excess. Here at CTRL we also believe that the best cure for not enough is just a little too much, so on November 6th we'll be high above Houston 'On the Good Ship Lollipop'. Seth Adelsberger, Richie Budd, Dan Kopp, Jayson Musson and Michael Reafsnyder will serve a variety pack of eye-candy that melts in your retinas, not in your hand.
Seth Adelsberger's paintings are loaded with the crystalline geometries and hard-candy colors of a utopia we've never quite believed existed. His imagery occupies a spatially elastic scale somewhere between a computer screen and a black hole. As familiar and foreign as a Space InvaderTM, Adelsberger's shimmering, flying temples to excess beckon us aboard. Before we know it we are inside looking out, speeding along and cutting through all things dull and tiresome, on a sweet trip back to an idealized future.
Richie Budd's deliciously deranged sculptures are literally dripping with goodies. These messy, modern-day cornucopias spew forth everything from preserved snacks - runts, skittles and cheetos - to space heaters and cell phones. During these lean times, Budd's sculptures are reassuring symbols of material abundance, albeit laced with a swirl of pathological hoarding, sprinkled with nostalgia and dusted with irony.
Dan Kopp builds up his kaleidoscopic characters, layer by gelatinous layer in the late- night isolation of his studio. With their slightly vacant, glazed expressions, they are either suffering from serious sugar crashes or waiting for the next rush to kick in. There is an inescapable sense of alienation in these paintings that resonates with the solitary practice of the studio artist. Yet, despite the gloomy state of their characters with their molten postures and stares as empty as candy calories, Kopp's paintings exude a luscious allure.
Every far off, magical place needs a benevolent, all-powerful leader and Jayson Musson comes through big time with his hilarious, yet incisive renderings of Obama. Painted with intentionally child-like devotion, Barack goes to battle with a crude-oil monster, re- freezes the polar ice caps and even helps a white guy last longer in bed by the power of his magic tears!
Michael Reafsnyder's acrylic paintings and glazed ceramic sculptures are squeezed, smooshed, squeegeed and drizzled into existence. Like the melty-sweet landscape of the mythical candy mountain and the affable critters that poke about, Reafsnyder's works are all about playfulness and excess. His particular form of playfulness however is a highly developed and structured one involving many measured decisions, all expertly disguised by a slippery orgy of color and form.

Seth Adelsberger lives and works in Baltimore, MD. His work has been exhibited at venues including the Delaware Center for Contemporary Art and Civilian Art Projects, DC. He was recently awarded an artist's grant from the Maryland State Art Council for painting.
Richie Budd lives and works in Texas and received his MFA (2006) from UT San Antonio. He has exhibited widely including recent solo exhibitions at Road Agent, Dallas and Priska Juschka, NYC and has been awarded residencies at ArtPace, San Antonio and the Vermont Studio Center. Budd is currently an artist in residence at Centraltrak in Dallas.
Dan Kopp lives and works in Brooklyn. His work was included in Greater New York 2005, at MoMA's P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center. He has exhibited widely, including solo exhibitions at Shoshana Wayne Gallery, LA, Bravin Lee Programs, NYC and BucketRider Gallery, Chicago. Kopp studied painting at the Cleveland Art Institute, the Lacoste School of Art in Lacoste, France and at the Skowhegan School for Painting and Sculpture.
Jayson Musson lives and works in Philadelphia. He received his BFA from the University of the Arts, Philadelphia and is currently an MFA candidate at U Penn. He has exhibited at venues including the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco and the Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago.
Michael Reafsnyder lives and works in Southern California. He received his MFA from the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA. His recent exhibitions include a solo show at the Las Vegas Art Museum and "Electric Mud" at the Blaffer Gallery of the University of Houston. Reafsnyder has upcoming solo exhibitions at his LA and New York galleries, Western Project and Ameringer-McEnery-Yohe. His work has been reviewed in numerous publications including the LA Times, Modern Painters, Artforum and Flash Art.