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With around 20 new works, including some of her largest to date, Houston based Hedwige Jacobs furthers her unfolding narrative of socially and politically aware drawings. With simple materials (pencils, pens and markers on paper) Jacobs playfully investigates how we live and interact as a society.

In Black Hole, a colorful crowd of tiny figures lounges around a murky swimming hole. For some reason, this particular, non-descript locale seems to be the ‘it’ spot for vacationing; perhaps because of a recent review in Condé Nast or an aggressive advertising campaign. Chances are there is another less populated and less polluted swimming hole a short drive away...

Jacobs might be addressing the current housing crisis with High Rise, a drawing in which various sorts of houses are stacked dangerously high, one tower of homes higher than the next. There is a sense of reckless competition to pile up units (or home loans to under-qualified applicants) with little regard for sustainability.

Another drawing, Victoria's Secret, features oddly misshapen women modeling the latest fashions from the top US lingerie retailer. The Victoria's Secret brand is known for it's glamorous fashion shows, glossy catalogs and use of top fashion models. By co-opting the company name for her title and free-form drawing a bunch of lumpy, regular women, Jacobs humorously highlights the gap between reality and the world of advertising.

In all of her drawings, Jacobs draws upon a lexicon of imagery that she has been developing over the past few years. Anthropomorphized houses, intricate woven & knotted forms and crowds of little figures in social situations are all recurring characters in her perpetual visual investigation. This investigation, though based on personal experience and observation, translates easily to the viewer's own interpretation.

Jacobs was born in Singapore in 1971 and grew up in the Netherlands. She currently lives and works in Houston, TX. She received her MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in 2004 and her BFA at the Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague, Netherlands.